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Salento Beige Grey Ceramic Kitchens

Emulating the rocky grey coastline of Salento in Italy, the Salento beige grey kitchen door has a beautifully textured surface finish. As its name suggests, its colour is a blend of earthy beige and grey, complete with a speckled finish for a warm and interesting allure. We recommend this for a minimalist and uncluttered kitchen space where there is little to conflict, or else distract, from the beauty of the elegant ceramic texture. This lets the Salento beige grey surface form a prominent kitchen feature of its own accord!

The Salento ceramic kitchen door has a stainless steel edge option, and within the handleless finish a continuous stainless steel channel. These features in turn promote other stainless steel accents as an obvious choice to compliment; this might be stainless steel plinth, worktop and/or appliances. Alternatively the Salento beige grey kitchen finish can be successfully blended with white gloss or matt tones, a grey kitchen tone, or even splashes of the Wine red or Teal satin lacquer finish, should you desire a bolder kitchen look.

Appealing in both looks and functionality the Salento beige grey ceramic kitchen is highly desirable and an excellent choice for any modern and stylish home.