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Black Star Real Stone Kitchens

Brand new to our kitchen collections is this exciting and compelling new door, the Black Star real stone kitchen veneer. As its name suggests (and very unusually) this kitchen door is engineered from real slate! The slate is machined to a thickness of only a few millimetres, making it a lightweight, practical option, and well-suited for a kitchen environment. During manufacture the narrow slate is backed with support materials to ensure its solidity, before being sealed to fully protect the surface. The end result of this process is a spectacular door which appeals in both looks and touch! Textures and natural materials are very on trend for 2015 kitchen design and the Black Star real stone veneer perfectly exemplifies the appeal of both. To run your fingers over its exterior is to appreciate its rugged texture, whilst the door’s dark pensive colour tone shows up beautiful flecks of silver as the light hits its surface. A high quality, durable finish, the Black Star real stone kitchen door is extremely sophisticated and guaranteed to make a dramatic and eye-catching impact on any kitchen space.

The new Real stone kitchen option is also available in a striking Gold Green colour tone. For more information on this or any other finish within our collections please don’t hesitate to contact us.