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Gold Green Real Stone Kitchens

The gold green real stone kitchen door is an exquisite new kitchen finish, unique among our collections. The door fascia exudes a beautiful mass of gold and green textured surface inflections, set against a dark slate background. As the wonderfully coarse texture ripples across the door’s surface, it is a feast as much for the touch as it is to the eyes! Yet the main attraction of this door is that it is not an imitation of stone, but is in fact engineered from real stone …And even more surprising is that this stone kitchen door is not heavy! This is because its complex yet exciting manufacture process forms a thin and lightweight layer of the stone material. The back of this layer is reinforced with fibreglass and then adhered to a wood substrate for further support. The end result is a strong but lightweight stone kitchen door. Each door and drawer is fluid and easily manageable, a practice completely at odds with the solid and masculine kitchen look!

Available in the chic handleless kitchen style, the gold green stone kitchen door is visually impressive and sure to make a big impact on your kitchen space. This is true whether it is filling the entirety of your kitchen, or else introduced as a ‘stand-out’ kitchen feature in combination with other finishes. Finally, the gold green stone kitchen veneer is definitely one we recommend viewing for yourself as our images simply don’t do it justice! For this, please contact us to arrange a visit to one of our two London showrooms.

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