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Opal Grey Stone Effect Kitchens

Sharing the same stunning qualities, yet effecting a paler and softer look than its Pearl Grey equivalent, is the new Opal Grey stone effect kitchen finish. This kitchen door’s look is reminiscent of light toned Scandinavian kitchen colours, but its surface is embellished with a fine grain-like texture, much like that of real stone.

If you want to enliven an all-white kitchen look, you can easily interject a white gloss or matt design with an island, or run of base units in the Opal Grey concrete effect doors. Alternatively, it is just as easy to contrast the Opal Grey kitchen finish with darker colours, whether greys, brown, or black (for a more dramatic contrast).

Through its appreciably textured and tactile surface, this finish will easily conceal any marks or fingerprints; as well as a stylish choice, this quality makes the Opal Grey stone effect kitchen doors easy to maintain…and a good option for parents of small children.

For more information on the Opal grey stone look kitchen doors, please contact us on: [email protected]