Natural Concrete Kitchens

The Natural Concrete kitchen finish exudes the pale grey colour tone typically associated with a moist earthenware light grey clay. Within this soft warm hue is a heavily textured surface pattern which creates a subtle rusticity, authentic yet entirely modern in feel. Given the beauty of the door, as well as its sophisticated nature, you would be right to think the Natural Concrete kitchen door’s name is somewhat unfitting! Indeed, entirely unlike the leaden and cold implications of its name, this kitchen door is in fact lightweight, warm and inviting. It is also ideal for the current trend of incorporating and layering different textures and colours within a kitchen design; this might involve combining the Natural Concrete ceramic door with a gloss or lacquer kitchen finish, or with rustic country tones such as greys, green or even the Sepia brown gloss glass. Alternatively you might contrast the Natural Concrete with a much darker hue for a more dramatic kitchen look.

For further information on the Natural Concrete kitchen door and how to make it work for you and your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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