Ebony Fineline Real Wood Kitchens

With modern wood kitchen finishes making a big impact on kitchen design it is exciting to see new and dynamic styles appear; this includes the chic Ebony Fineline gloss wood kitchen door, a new addition for 2015. Dark wood kitchen veneers such as this are synonymous with luxury, quality and of course, a beautiful kitchen look. This is even more so within a gloss wood kitchen finish, where the door’s polished lustre adds further elegance to what is already a sophisticated kitchen appearance. In the case of the Ebony Fineline wood, the gloss finish accentuates the beautiful dark stripes that adorn the surface of the door. These can be further accentuated with carefully placed lighting which will reflect off the gloss surface and bring an additional feeling of warmth to the setting.

A striking kitchen finish such as this is best suited to a medium or large sized kitchen where the surface pattern is certain not to overwhelm the space, or make the room feel smaller. Instead you can achieve the stunning and highly elegant kitchen look that this door was made to achieve!

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