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  • Maritime Pine high gloss real wood kitchen

    Maritime Pine Gloss Kitchen Finish

  • Maritime Pine Gloss Kitchen Finish

    Macassar Ebony gloss kitchen finish

Gloss Maritime Pine Real Wood Kitchens

The gloss Maritime Pine real wood kitchen finish is new for 2015 and intended as a striking feature door. It is guaranteed to make a highly visual impact within the kitchen setting. The surface of this wood door is adorned with a mass of fluid swirling ripples, reminiscent of a gently flowing river or stream. Completing this look is a gloss reflective surface sheen, which brings an instantaneous touch of elegance and sophistication.

As a feature door, the Maritime Pine gloss kitchen finish is best suited as an attractive compliment for more neutral colour tones such as a white, cream or cashmere. This applies for both gloss and matt kitchen finishes, but a flat neutral tone is ideal as it allows the textured Maritime Pine door to stand out as intended.

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