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  • Terra Oak and Cashmere Kitchen Units

    Terra Oak Gloss Wood

Terra Oak Gloss Wood Kitchens

Dark colours are an increasingly popular and workable choice for modern kitchens and particularly striking and luxurious within a wood kitchen finish. A prime example of this elegance, is the sleek and stylish high gloss Terra Oak real wood kitchen. The rich colour is a beautiful and impressive blend of dark slate tones; whilst a light wood grain surface pattern brings both texture and character. The glossy surface finish is a touching compliment. It introduces additional warmth, as well as emphasising the rich textured tones. Of course the gloss finish also serves to make the surfaces easy to clean and maintain.

The gloss Terra Oak wood kitchen is ideal for making an arresting statement within a medium to large, bright kitchen space. It also works wonderfully for feature pieces within a two-tone kitchen arrangement. This might include a matt white, basalt grey, or cashmere satin lacquer finish, with the contrasting textures working in unison for a truly stunning finish.

The Terra Oak kitchen colour is also available in a matt real wood veneer or a matt wood-effect kitchen finish. Both of these doors exude the same colour tone but without the gloss finish.