Grey Wild Oak Real Wood Kitchens

The new Grey Wild Oak kitchen finish is a beautiful new addition to our collection of modern real wood kitchen doors. Reflecting nature at its best and most authentic, this kitchen door is greyish brown in colour tone, just like wood in its natural form. With this comes a beautifully textured surface finish, complete with faint knots and blemishes. These further secure a feeling of authenticity, whilst imposing character, warmth and an undeniable modern rustic charm. Such attributes help transform the Grey Wild Oak wood kitchen door into a stylish and appealing kitchen, with a distinctive solidity to it.

The modern quality of the Grey Wild Oak wood kitchen door is easily enhanced through a coalescence with other styles and finishes. You can create beautiful but soft contrasts with a cream or cashmere gloss lacquer finish. Alternatively bold accent colours such as a red or purple splashback bring a lively contrast of colour and texture; this effects a dynamic twist for this highly appealing modern wood kitchen design.