Light Wild Oak Real Wood Kitchens

The Light Wild Oak kitchen door exudes a beautiful warm rustic Oak colour tone. Modern in appearance, this kitchen door has a flat exterior with a visible grain pattern inclusive of small knots within the wood. This creates a solid kitchen look awash with charm and character. The style ensures the Light Wild Oak kitchen door will work within any kitchen setting; yet its warm and inviting feel makes it ideal for a congenial family home.

Should you wish to, you can easily add an eye-catching twist to the Light Wild Oak kitchen through incorporating contrasting finish materials within your design. For example, you might combine it with a gloss or matt grey lacquer kitchen door, or else a white gloss tone to effect a chic modern kitchen look, with just a hint of rusticity to it.

Whatever look you desire for the Light Wild Oak real wood kitchen, we can certainly help you achieve it. Please contact us for further details.