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Sherry Oak Real Wood Kitchens

The colour of a rich mahogany, our new Sherry Oak kitchen door is the epitome of opulence and sophistication. The wood’s dark tone exudes a beautifully etched grain pattern, emphasising the appealing warmth of the finish. And unique to the Sherry Oak real wood doors (at the time of writing) is their availability in a choice of either a horizontal or vertical wood grain effect, each creating an entirely different look within the same door.

Warm whites, cream or grey hues are the perfect complement to this finish, with a simplistic colour palette allowing the textured beauty of the doors to fully stand out. Another new feature as of late 2015, and exemplified within the Sherry Oak wood kitchen images above, is the option for flush plinth units. These create a level finish, reminiscent of living room furniture such as cupboards or TV units. This style is ideal if you wish to continue your Sherry Oak kitchen furniture’s look from kitchen into living room, creating a fully seamless look.

Please contact us for any further information on our Sherry Oak real wood kitchen doors.