Silver Oak Real Wood Kitchens

Wood kitchen finishes and richly textured surfaces are paving their way into the forefront of modern kitchen design trends. Reflecting this passion for natural materials, we are delighted to introduce the Silver Oak real wood kitchen finish as one of 13 new real wood kitchen doors for 2015!

An innovative new finish, the silvery grey surface of the Silver Oak wood kitchen door conveys emphasised pores. Entirely for cosmetic effect, these completely impenetrable pores (in order that the finish is suitable for kitchen use) can otherwise be described as an accentuated wood grain pattern. This creates a dynamic and beautiful kitchen look for the door, whilst contributing to a comfortable and relaxed kitchen feel.

With such a rich dark tone, the Silver Oak real wood kitchen is ideal for a spacious, well lit setting where it can really come into its own. Alternatively you might incorporate it along with another finish in order to accentuate a favourite kitchen feature, such as an island.

To find out more about this stunning new kitchen finish, or for information on any others within our range, please don’t hesitate to contact us.