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Brown Wild Oak Real Wood Kitchens

To be ‘at one with Nature’ implies an enjoyable comfort, authenticity and pleasure concomitant with natural formations. This is why natural wood tones are a popular choice for kitchens and the Brown Wild Oak real wood kitchen door perfectly characterises these qualities, as well as the beauty of natural wood at its finest. The door exudes a rich and warm Mahogany brown colour tone, translating to a solid and self-assured kitchen look. Whilst rugged in appearance the Brown Wild Oak kitchen door is very modern in style and works beautifully on its own or else when blended with other finishes. A combination with black tones creates a rich masculine quality, a grey kitchen finish exudes calm sophistication, or else a unison with white or cream tones produces a perfectly balanced, yet softer kitchen look. Whatever effect you wish to achieve for your Brown Wild Oak kitchen we can certainly help you realise it.