Ebony Fineline Real Wood Kitchens

There is nothing that spells elegant and luxurious quite like a solid dark real wood kitchen finish! Carefully crafted from the finest raw materials, the Ebony Fineline real wood kitchen door perfectly characterises this. And it is a door made even more appealing because of its beautifully distinctive dark stripes; together these qualities ensure a contemporary statement kitchen that is certain to impress.

Yet dark wood kitchen colours such as this need careful implementation. This is particularly so for small kitchen spaces as they can easily make a room look and feel smaller. Instead, dark tones such as the Ebony Fineline real wood are better suited for medium or large kitchen settings, and particularly stunning where space permits for a kitchen island! Indeed, dark wood kitchen finishes such as this are often the favoured choice for high-end spacious kitchens, either as the principle colour choice or as a contrasting accent in a two-tone kitchen design. You might even create an Ebony Fineline solid wood framed door or worktop.

For further information, or for any assistance in creating your preferred Ebony Fineline wood kitchen look, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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