Grey Oak Real Wood Kitchens

Grey kitchen colour tones are extremely popular within modern kitchen design. This is largely for their neutral character and because they bring an instant air of sophistication to a kitchen setting. A prime example of this is the new Grey Oak real wood kitchen veneer. This has a delicate light grey colour tone, and a beautifully textured surface grain, bringing both definition and character. The overall effect of the Grey Oak real wood kitchen door is a contemporary stylish look but with a distinct warmth and softness to it. It is ideal for a chic yet comfortable kitchen space.

Grey kitchen colours such as the Grey Oak real wood are also beneficial because of their versatile nature. This ensures they work beautifully when combined with other textures and colours. The Grey Oak kitchen is no different and is stunning in unison with softly contrasting gloss or matt kitchen doors in grey, white or cream. Alternatively, combining the Grey Oak real wood kitchen door with a bold finish such as the Teal satin lacquer will introduce a fresh and lively energy to the space. The Grey Oak door even works with black tones, or hints of red; once again bringing a more distinct contrast, and creating a bold and eye-catching kitchen look.

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