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Platinum Oak Real Wood Kitchens

Whilst it originates from the Black Forest in Germany, the Platinum Oak real wood kitchen veneer exudes a light tone more reminiscent of a Scandinavian blond wood finish. This transcends into a simply exquisite modern wood kitchen design. Its delicately pale, yet warm colour tone has a soft allure, further enriched by its lightly textured grain pattern.

Mixing different materials and textures is a big trend within modern kitchen design and the Platinum Oak real wood finish is a prime example of a versatile kitchen door that lends itself well to this. If you intend to cultivate the Scandinavian kitchen look then combining the Platinum Oak real wood with other light timbers, or else pale gloss or matt colour tones, will certainly heighten this effect. Alternatively, the Platinum Oak door in unison with mid or dark grey kitchen furniture and worktops will make for an exquisite modern kitchen look, but with a slightly more rugged and masculine feel.

The Platinum Oak kitchen tone is also available in a rough cut, flat or planked kitchen finish. If you would like to see these doors for yourself then please contact us to arrange a visit to one of our two London kitchen showrooms.