Terra Oak Real Wood Kitchens

Dark kitchen colours exude luxury and sophistication, and the Terra Oak real wood kitchen veneer perfectly exemplifies this. This real wood finish is modern in style, and its beautifully rich colour tone makes for an impressive kitchen look. At the same time the high quality and solidity of the wood ensures a reliable and long-lasting finish. The Terra oak real wood kitchen finish also appeals because of its amenable nature; this paves the way to a faultless harmony when married with other kitchen finishes, accessories and innovations. For example, this door is classically beautiful with white, or else mid-grey and warm tones such as the Cashmere gloss laminate or Basalt grey satin lacquer.

For a more distinct contrast, combining the Terra Oak wood kitchen door with stainless steel accents can make for an impressive look, and will highlight the architecture of any room. You might even introduce a lively twist by combining the textured Terra Oak doors with a run of Wine red high gloss lacquer or Teal satin lacquer accent doors.

Whatever your preference, your kitchen should be designed to suit your individuality and your home. For assistance, just let our team at LWK Kitchens know your thoughts so we can come up with that unique design that is just right for you.

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