Walnut Fineline Real Wood Kitchens

The Walnut Fineline real wood kitchen door is a medium straight-grained wood, with a rich and full-bodied colour tone. It is a solid finish, and with its flat and clean-lined doors the appearance is one of ultra-refined sophistication, whilst emanating an appealing warmth.

As impressive in form as it can be functional, there are endless possibilities for what you might include within a walnut kitchen. This includes innovative storage solutions, the neat integration of appliances, as well as highly elegant design features. Should space permit, the walnut fineline kitchen door will translate to an exquisite kitchen island design. This is guaranteed to add class, as well as practicality for the home.

Whatever elements you choose to combine with the walnut fineline kitchen door, it is sure to be a truly impressive and enduring design. To see this stunning modern wood for yourself, as well as other doors within our extensive range please contact us to arrange a visit to one of our London showrooms.

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