Natural Oak Rough Cut Kitchens

The Natural Oak real wood kitchen is perfect for creating a beautiful modern country kitchen design. The light wood colour tone is warm, balanced and even, whilst the cross-cut finish inclusive of natural wood knots, brings character and solidity. To run your fingers across the Natural Oak rough cut wood kitchen’s surface is to feel the satisfying light ridges of the cross-grain. This effect is produced by cutting across the wood’s grain to form a rough, textured surface, largely reminiscent of French rustic and weathered antique furniture. This hint of rusticity can easily form the basis of a stunning country kitchen theme with a warm and friendly ambience. If space permits for a kitchen island then this is equally beautiful within this finish, whilst also practical for socialising, preparing meals, and dining.

Alternatively you might combine the Natural oak real wood door with a bold matt finish such as the Agate blue satin lacquer. This creates a striking contrast in both look and texture. In such a collaboration the light ridges of the rough cut surface are at complete (yet wonderful) odds with the velvety smooth finish of a satin lacquer door. Whatever design and layout you choose, the Natural Oak real wood finish is perfect for any kitchen intended as the heart of the home, and will remain so for many years to come.

The Natural Oak rough cut kitchen door is available in a choice of either a flat or planked kitchen door. Please contact us for further information.

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