Dark Pine Wood Effect Kitchens

Similar in style to the highly popular Terra oak wood effect kitchen finish, yet lighter in colour, the LWK Kitchens team are launching a fresh new laminate wood kitchen option: the Dark pine wood effect kitchen finish. With textures and modern wood finishes currently making a big impact on kitchen design, this richly textured kitchen door is sure to impress! To run your fingers over its ridged and sculpted surface is to appreciate its rich quality and texture, whilst the infusion of subtle colour contrasts within the wood-grain effect strongly add to its appeal.

Ideal for achieving a relaxed chic kitchen feel, we anticipate this kitchen door being incorporated within many island kitchen designs as a stylish yet comfortable kitchen feature. But certainly, whether it is included throughout the entirety of a kitchen, or else in conjunction with other finishes, the Dark Pine Wood effect kitchen finish is sure to delight and surprise all who enter your home.

Please contact us for more information on the Dark Pine wood effect kitchen door, or to arrange a showroom visit and experience this beautiful finish for yourself.