Grey Pine Wood Effect Kitchens

The Grey Pine wood effect kitchen door is new to our modern wood kitchen range for 2015. This sleek new door optimises the high-quality associations of a modern painted wood kitchen finish, whilst minimising the price.

Within this door’s fascia is an amalgamation of soft neutral grey colour tones. These come together beautifully to create the appearance of a painted pale wood grain. Combined with its richly textured surface finish, it is this delicate light wood colouring that ensures the Grey Pine wood effect kitchen finish is highly impressive in appearance. This applies whether for a large or small kitchen space, as either setting is sure to hold great visual appeal. This laminate door is particularly apt should you wish to effect a stylish and modern ‘Beach chic’ kitchen look, as the light and bright rich wood texture is largely reminiscent of a sun-bleached coastal setting.

In this regard, the Grey Pine real wood kitchen finish is highly versatile, so will work with a wealth of options should you want to combine it with other kitchen doors. This might be another wood finish, or else a gloss or matt kitchen style. And no matter if such blends are light or dark in colour tone, the Grey Pine wood look kitchen door is sure to make a stylish and lasting impression on your home.