Sand Oak Wood Effect Kitchens

This wood-look kitchen door has been carefully crafted to effect an appearance entirely reminiscent of a rustic woodland timber. Pale in colour and with a richly textured door front, the Sand Oak kitchen reflects all of the same beauty and ruggedness of a natural wood finish. With this comes a warmth and vitality, transcending to a relaxed chic feel for the kitchen setting.

Incorporating contrasting colours and textures is a popular trend within modern kitchen design but should be approached with care in respect of the Oak Sand wood effect kitchen door because of its highly prominent look. This means it can easily clash with other finishes. As a result, the Sand Oak wood effect kitchen is best in combination with softer compliments. For example, it is highly compatible with plain and flat kitchen doors such as the lava grey gloss lacquer or a white matt laminate kitchen finish. Both of these styles will effect a pleasing balance of both colour and texture in unison with the Sand Oak kitchen finish.

For further inspiration or to find out how you can make the Sand Oak wood effect kitchen work for you and your home, please contact us.