Light Pine Wood Effect Kitchens

As its name suggests the Light Pine wood look kitchen door is pale in colour, with a delicate light wood grain effect running across its surface to give the appearance of real wood. Light wood kitchen tones such as the Light Pine wood effect door make an excellent choice for brightening a kitchen space and effecting a welcoming atmosphere. This kitchen colouring is typical for Scandinavian countries where short days mean natural light can be limited; an occurrence that led to the emergence of the popular ‘Scandi Kitchen’ with its recognisable soft, light furniture colourings. The Light Pine kitchen door reflects this style, whilst the warm tone of its grey/brown textured grain further enhances a warm and welcoming kitchen feel.

The Light pine wood effect kitchen finish is also beneficial as it is practical, durable and easy to clean. What’s more light wood tones such as this are very amenable so will work well with most choices for worktop, flooring and other kitchen furnishings. Finally, where other kitchen colours and styles can often change in terms of their popularity, the light wood kitchen choice is an attractive kitchen option that is sure to stand the test of time.

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