Traditional Beige Grey Painted Wood Kitchens

Grey kitchen tones work exceptionally well for both modern and traditional kitchen styles, as evident within the eye-catching Beige Grey country kitchen finish. The traditional ‘Shaker’ or framed-door option is a popular choice for kitchens and carries its own appealing rustic charm. And this style of door works exceptionally well in the muted Beige grey painted colour tone. This is a sophisticated hue which brings a definitive warmth and hospitable feel to the kitchen, a quality further enhanced by the kitchen door’s soft wood grain textured surface.

A tasteful statement, the Beige grey painted wood kitchen is stunning when offset with a rich veined granite worktop, along with warm colour tones for the walls, flooring and furnishings. Aside from highlighting the beauty of the Shaker kitchen door, a neutral warm decor will fully enhance a welcoming rustic feel, ensuring this kitchen’s appeal to its everyday user, as much as family, friends and all who visit.

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