Traditional Saffron Yellow Painted Wood Kitchens

For a burst of colour that will make a big impact on your kitchen setting we would suggest the sunny tone of the Saffron Yellow painted real wood kitchen veneer. Like the vivid orange-yellow of the Saffron food colouring this door is bright, distinctive and very inviting! It is an uplifting colour, ideal for accommodating the hustle and bustle of a country style, or farmhouse family kitchen.

The Saffron yellow wood kitchen door marks a vivid contrast with darker tones such as brown, black or shades of grey. These colours are ideal for rich accent worktops and will balance the bold yellow colour tone. So too, open shelving and glass door fronts can break up the strong Saffron hue. They contribute to a warm country kitchen feel, whilst still highly practical for everyday kitchen use. Alternatively, why not intersperse the Saffron Yellow wood kitchen door with another colour tone? For example, the pale White painted wood kitchen door from the same range sets the perfect scene for an outstanding Saffron yellow kitchen island feature!

For more ideas and assistance on how you might include the Saffron yellow painted kitchen within your home please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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