Traditional White Painted Wood Kitchens

Aside from the natural warmth they create for a setting, traditional kitchen styles are wonderful for accentuating the decorative elements and quality craftsmanship of kitchen furniture. This is particularly apparent within the white real wood kitchen veneer, as the pale colour tone highlights the elegant panelled kitchen doors (otherwise known as a Shaker kitchen style). At the same time a light grain texture adds further definition, which in turn adds further appeal to this classic kitchen style.

You can easily enhance a traditional rustic kitchen look with wood or granite worktops, ornate nickel fittings and wicker baskets. Alternatively you might opt for a more modern take on this traditional style, to which this door easily lends itself…In 2015 we are expecting to see many kitchens blending modern with traditional design elements, and with its classic Shaker door fronts the fresh white painted kitchen finish is idea for achieving this desirable look. You might combine it with a striking modern finish such as the Terra Oak real wood, or else combine it with a modern gloss door option, and accent with stainless steel and glass furnishings.

The possibilities for what you can achieve with the traditional white painted kitchen are exciting and many. For further ideas please contact us and we would be delighted to assist you.

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