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Cashmere Wood Effect Traditional Kitchens

Differing from the Cashmere painted real wood kitchen veneer, this traditional Cashmere kitchen door creates a similar kitchen look but is engineered from laminate rather than wood. This makes it a more affordable kitchen option than its real wood Cashmere counterpart, but still a highly desirable finish.

The Cashmere colour appeals for its neutral understated tone complete with an inherent warmth. These qualities are ideal for a painted Shaker kitchen style as they translate beautifully into a traditional kitchen setting with a comfortable, relaxed and inviting ambience. At the same time the overall look of the Cashmere wood effect traditional kitchen is both stylish and sophisticated.

Please note that the Shaker kitchen style is also available in some of our gloss and matt kitchen doors, including our matt laminates, satin lacquer doors, and the gloss glass kitchen option. Please contact us for further details.