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Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of modern kitchen design and can make a dramatic difference to your kitchen's look and feel. A light and bright kitchen makes the difference between an enjoyable kitchen experience of cooking and eating, versus the frustrating impracticality of a poorly lit kitchen.

The right lighting options will accentuate the quality, colour, and style of your chosen door finish. It will show it at its best and ensure darker furniture tones won’t engulf a space. We specialise in guiding you through the different types of lighting systems available and will work with you to ensure the most suitable kitchen lighting is specified. Essentially, there are three types of lighting to consider for your new kitchen design:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is an essential part of modern kitchen design but as well as for illuminating your workspace and cupboard contents, lighting choices will also influence your kitchen's look and feel, whether you want subtle and understated or bold and dramatic!

Kitchen task lighting introduces a direct source of light onto a specific kitchen area. This increases visibility to help you in your work. It also eliminates the shadows that can otherwise appear in these sites compromising vision and safety. This type of lighting typically assists with focussed kitchen tasks including preparing food, cooking food and washing up. For example, lights integrated within the bottom shelf of your wall units provide superb illumination for the workspace beneath. They also remove the need of an old-fashioned pelmet or track; these can clutter the clean lines of your kitchen and increase the likelihood of dirt and grease infiltrating the fittings.

Undercabinet task lighting
Undercabinet task lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient kitchen lighting is usually softer and more generalised than task lighting so will affect the entire room space rather than a specific aspect of it. In open plan spaces LED strip lighting recessed into aluminium diffused bulkheads creates a subtle kitchen backdrop, with a comfortable ambience. Kitchen spotlights or downlights are perfect for ambient kitchen lighting within a modern setting. Practical for wider-ranging kitchen uses other than cooking, these lights are available in three shades of white: cool white, warm white, and daylight, ensuring you can set the exact tone you want for your kitchen and living space.

Kitchen lights recessed into a bulkhead
Kitchen lights recessed into a bulkhead

Accent and Feature Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen accent lighting is usually decorative and purposely intended to bring ‘wow factor,’ drawing attention to specific features of your kitchen. This might be illuminated wall units, glass shelves, light up drawers, or plinth lighting. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island adds sophisticated elegance, as will a chic floating kitchen island look, adeptly engineered through lighting effects. With high energy efficiency, a long lifespan and a pliable, tailored fit for small spaces, LED lights are ideal for a modern kitchen look and for highlighting kitchen features. White or RGB colour-changing LED striplights recessed into the underside of a kitchen worktop, island or peninsula are a popular kitchen feature. In addition, their wireless dimming control panel can be effortlessly adjusted at the touch of either an IPhone or IPad.

Illuminated glass shelving can bring instant wow factor
Illuminated glass shelving can bring instant wow factor

Small Kitchen lighting

As mentioned lighting can affect the look and feel of a kitchen and for a small kitchen design, lighting options that will create the illusion of more space are an absolute must! A light gloss furniture tone is best for reflecting light back across a kitchen, but darker matt finishes can work beautifully too, as long as you include the right lighting within the right places. We can help you plan your tas k, ambient and feature lighting for the best possible results in a small kitchen. We know the best lighting tones and colours to use to show a finish at its best; we know where to locate lighting to enhance a feel of space, and we also know it’s those extra touches that really finish a room off; whether this be a run of LEDs along a worktop edge, drawer lights, uplighters above tall cupboards, or plinth lighting.

Small kitchen lighting
Small kitchen lighting

Halogen versus LED Kitchen Lighting

Halogen light bulbs are the more traditional form of lighting for kitchens and used for general and task kitchen lighting, most often within spotlights. But halogen bulbs are quickly being surpassed in popularity by LED lighting. So why is this? And are LED lights better in terms of looks, function and cost?

Halogen light bulbs tend to produce an extremely bright white light (often brighter than needed) but to generate this they run at a high temperature and use up a lot of energy. With the cost of energy bills increasing homeowners are looking for alternative options and LED lighting is quickly moving into the foreground due to its long lasting, energy efficient qualities, for example, where a 50-Watt halogen bulb has a lifespan of approximately 2000 hours, a 5-Watt LED Spotlight will typically last 40,000- 50,000 hours. LED’s may initially prove more costly in purchase but they use up to 90% less energy to run, so in many cases LED lights will have paid for themselves through energy and maintenance-saving costs within a matter of months!

Another popular feature of LED lighting is that they are easily controllable. You can direct light where you want it and without wasting light, which is ideal for task lighting. They will give an instant light when switched on, without any dim-glow warm up period. They are also available in a range of colours, tones, and varied brightness to choose from. For example, a daylight bulb may bring warmth to an all-white kitchen, whereas a cool light could appear harsh or clinical…. yet in any case the mere flick of a switch, or swipe of your IPhone may introduce invigorating colour, or even colour-changing lights to enhance your favourite kitchen features!

LED lights for kitchens are highly recommendable but we do advise purchasing them from a reputable retailer as the quality of lights can vary significantly. It is also essential that they are installed by a professional; as incorrect engineering can cause damage or failing of the lights.

Ambient kitchen lighting
Ambient kitchen lighting