Our black kitchen furniture is organised into a number of price groups. The Black Lacquer is in the middle range, whilst the Black Glass kitchen is in the top price group. Black wood kitchen prices vary depending on whether they are real or wood-effect kitchen doors. The difference between each price group is approximately 10%. There are many factors that make it very difficult to offer more than general pricing guidance. For example, room dimensions, furniture specification (such as pullout larders, or wide pan drawers), and the number of appliances and choice of manufacturer all affect the resulting kitchen price. However, for an average sized London kitchen in Black Gloss lacquer with Siemens appliances and quartz worktops, you could expect to pay from about £18,000. This would include full installation. But you can of course pay substantially more, all dependent on your choices. Why not try using our instant online quote tool which can account for room sizes, door selection, appliances etc.