Our white kitchen furniture is organised into 7 separate price groups according to the different finish materials used, as well as the complexity of each one’s production process. White kitchens in the lower pricing groups include our white laminate kitchen doors, and represent the most affordable option within our white kitchen collections. For example, a handleless gloss white laminate kitchen, or lacquer-laminate kitchen, is achievable from £15,000. Our lacquer kitchens cost more, falling into the next 3 pricing groups, whilst white glass kitchens escalate into our top price group. These white kitchens would start from £22,500 for an average size kitchen in the London locality. Similarly, white wood kitchen prices vary depending on the type of finish they are made from. For example, a traditional painted wood kitchen is available in either a laminate or real wood painted finish. The former is available from £15,000 for an average size kitchen, and the latter from £23,000.

But other factors will also affect the price of your white kitchen design, namely the style options you choose. This includes whether it is a gloss or matt white kitchen finish, and if it includes handleless or curved units. Of course, the size of your kitchen will also influence the price as it affects how many units and how much worktop you need. Finally, your choice of appliances and the number required will further affect the price.

To assist you in calculating costs, why not try using our instant online quote tool, or else contact us and we can provide a fully itemised quotation for a white kitchen of your choosing.