At LWK Kitchens we offer an impressive range of wood kitchen options. Whether you want a modern or traditional wood kitchen, painted door fronts, or perhaps a handleless wood kitchen design, the breadth of our range ensures we can achieve the specific wood kitchen look you desire. But equally important, our wood kitchen doors range as much in price as they do in appearance! This ensures we can accomplish the wood kitchen look you want, at a price which suits your budget.

For example, within our Price Group 1 collection of stylish modern wood doors, you could achieve a full wood-effect kitchen from £12,000. A traditional wood effect kitchen price would start from £15,000, and a traditional painted real wood kitchen would cost from £19,000. At the upper end of this scale you might select our outstanding modern gloss wood kitchen doors! A full kitchen design in this luxurious finish would start from £30,000.

Of course kitchen prices are certain to vary and can either fall or escalate depending on the size of your kitchen space, your choice of appliances, worktop, glass, and whether you want to incorporate more than one kitchen finish within your design. This is something many clients do, creating beautiful and personalised blends of two or more finishes from different pricing groups.

Take advantage of our free Instant Quote Tool, or else talk to one of our experienced designers and they can assist you in achieving a personalised wood kitchen design, within a price that suits your specified budget.