How Much Will A New Kitchen Cost?

One of the first questions the LWK Kitchens team are often asked is ‘How much will a new kitchen cost?’ But there is no single definitive answer to this...Typically, our kitchens cost upwards of £15,000, but exactly how much a kitchen costs largely depends on you and the choices you make for your new design. For example, we have supplied and installed average sized kitchens for less than £20,000 but equally, kitchens of the exact same size have cost upwards of £80,000 due to our clients choosing more expensive finishes, appliances and worktops.

Shaker kitchen design by LWK Kitchens

Typically a new kitchen price depends on:-

  • The size of the kitchen and the corresponding number of units required.
  • How you wish to design it- for example, kitchen drawers and pull-outs are more expensive than cupboards.
  • The size of the work surface, the material and the price group - A small, value brand quartz surface may cost from £3,000, whereas the same size worktop in Dekton X gloss, book-matched with mitred down-stands, may cost £8,000-£10,000.
  • Our most expensive stone veneer is 2.5 times as expensive as our standard stone-look door. This means that if the furniture in your quote was £8,000 in the standard door, it could be £20,000 in the real stone finish. (Please note materials included within a quote are always lead by client discussion & selection).
  • Our least expensive Neff oven is approximately £450, and our most expensive Miele Range Cooker is just under £17,000.
  • Installation cost; this cost will depend on the size of the kitchen space, as well as the nature of work entailed.
Shaker kitchen design by LWK Kitchens
White gloss kitchen by LWK Kitchens

Tailor your new kitchen cost

Our expert kitchen designers know the materials, finishes and options to match price expectations at both ends of the spectrum, as well as every point in between. We know that good design is not an exercise in fantasy. Instead, it must be anchored in reality, with that reality being the amount a client has determined appropriate to spend within their individual circumstance. Our job is to produce a design that sits precisely on the fulcrum between design appeal and budgetary expectations.

And if your new kitchen quote isn’t as you hoped…

…If you receive a kitchen quote which is more than you had hoped then talk to your designer about it. Whilst keeping your preferred choices in the areas that matter most to you, designers can often suggest clever alternatives which will bring the cost down elsewhere. We can work with you to value engineer the concept to achieve much of what is really important to you whilst still respecting your budgetary expectations.

Get an Approximate Kitchen Quote

If you already know your room dimensions and preferred kitchen options, then why not try our Instant Online Quote tool. This takes less than 2 minutes to complete and will provide an approximation of your new kitchen cost.


Get a fully-itemised Kitchen Quote

Alternatively, LWK Kitchens offer a fully comprehensive kitchen design service, including fully itemised quotation. With this option you have the choice of discussing your needs over the phone, in one of our luxury showrooms, or else from the comfort of your own home. To arrange, please call 020 7536 9266 or else complete our short booking form and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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