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Brilliant White Galley Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Brilliant White Gloss Glass
  • Layout: Galley
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: Brilliant White gloss glass
  • Wall Unit Doors: Brilliant White gloss glass
  • Tall Doors: Brilliant White gloss glass
  • Appliances: Siemens
  • Worktop: Compac Smoke Grey Quartz
  • Location: Clapham

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The challenge consisted of a long, narrow kitchen space which the client had wanted transformed into a top-end design solution. The space had to be cool with everything-at-hand, resulting in a light and airy space which had to be a delight to cook and prep in.

The Design/Solution:

We transformed this awkward, non-functional space into a sleek modern area with white on white styling and grey accents. A bank of tall units which housed the fridge and ovens offered additional storage. By not implementing any wall units, the space was decluttered and allowed for the implementation of lots of worktop space.

The Layout:

With the sink separated to one side, the long counter top to the left provides a clean line of calmness. The cool white glass splashback further accentuates this. The smooth lines of the induction hob create a very clean look accompanied by an inset which holds condiments and gathers the essential cooking ingredients, into a controlled order.

The Units:

The units were finished in a High Gloss lacquer finish, in Brilliant white. The colour matches the white Miele ovens perfectly, which contributes to the clean look and feel of the kitchen. The combination of colours used in the kitchen make this atmosphere, a pleasant environment to cook in.

Client Verdict:

The client had a totally open brief, apart from wanting a stunning and easy to work in kitchen. The design was visually unchanged from conception through to completion. The ease of use is the joy of this simple but effective layout, which we received top marks for.