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Champagne Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Champagne High Gloss
  • Layout: Open Plan
  • Base Unit Doors: Champagne high gloss
  • Wall Unit Doors: Champagne high gloss
  • Tall Doors: Champagne high gloss
  • Breakfast Bar: Champagne high gloss
  • Appliances: Neff
  • Worktop: 38mm Grey concrete laminate
  • Location: Bexleyheath

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The challenge for this customer was to create one space from three existing spaces, which were the kitchen, dining room and hallway. They wanted a connection between the rooms to allow them to sit, to use the space as a worktop area, and above all, easily navigate between the spaces.

The Layout:

The way we approached the brief was to create a galley kitchen layout, with tall units on one side and the sink and hob run down the other. This created the main working area within the kitchen. We then created a seating area which wraps around the corner, past the tall units and into what is the dining room. This connects the space allowing for casual or occasional seating, whilst you can still have a full dining room set up adjacent to this.

The Units:

The types of units and finish we have used within this space are synonymous with the client’s desire for a modern kitchen, with lots of light bouncing around the room. A high gloss finish was the obvious choice for achieving this effect, and the clients opted for a reflective Champagne colour with a metallic surface finish (Crushed aluminium particles blended with the paint create the metallic sparkle effect).

The customer wanted to create as much symmetry as possible within this design. You can see this within the arrangement of tall units, including the central oven located equidistant between two units. And on the back run with sink and hob, there is a continuous run of drawers in the middle, and single 60cm doors either side of this. This creates a very modern, streamlined kitchen finish.

Kitchen Storage:

Kitchen storage has been fully optimised through tall larder units and units underneath the seating area which wrap around into the dining space. There is also a series of wall units which run the entire length of the kitchen, and which include storage behind the extractor cabinet for spices. There is also elongated drawers to hold deep heavy cookware such as pots, saucepans, plates and accessories.

Client Verdict:

Overall, the client loved the smooth effect the high gloss metallic doors created. They also loved the limestone finished, grey concrete laminate worktop, which brought a slight industrial feel to the room space. They left the walls bare so they could paint and change these at a later date, and even make a feature of them. Overall the client was excited about how the space flowed from kitchen into the dining area, as well as excited for cooking and enjoying regular meals there.