Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

This challenge involved the redesign of an existing kitchen to make better use of the narrow kitchen work area. The clients were also keen to include lots of storage solutions within the space to facilitate their passion for cooking.

The Design / Solution:

The Layout:

Given the narrow room dimensions I concluded that a galley kitchen layout would prove the most efficient for this space. For this we positioned the working end of the kitchen furthest from the entrance in order to maximise on the natural light from the window. This would make for the most comfortable location for preparing and cooking food, and also meant fewer ceiling lights were required. Conversely, if we had cited the tall storage units by the window (and particularly as the client wanted a dark colour tone) this would have blocked most of the natural light, making the space dark and awkward to work in.

The Units:

Storage was a must for this kitchen, and particularly because of its small size. To ensure sufficient storage we included a tall pull out larder and broom cupboard near the entry way, with a series of wall cabinets above the worktop adjacent to this. Each of these units reached to the ceiling to allow additional cupboard space. Whilst high up, these kitchen units were still easily accessible via a small foot stool which could be folded away and stored in the bottom of the broom cupboard when not in use.

Client Verdict

The clients were pleased with the transformation and particularly with the inclusion of so many storage options, ensuring both the passageway and worktops could easily be kept clear and tidy.