Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

This kitchen was designed for a new ground floor extension that opened out into the back garden area, where the family spent a lot of time during the summer. This aspect of the home’s layout was key for the kitchen design process as it was important to ensure a clear and easy passageway to and from the garden. Together with this, the owners described themselves as a very sociable couple so wanted a kitchen well-set up for entertaining friends and family. In terms of the look, they wanted something contemporary, stylish, less like a kitchen in the traditional sense of the word, and more of a style statement that would make a real impact on their home!

The Design / Solution:


A lighter colour tone was advisable against the mid-dark flooring and the Lichen (a grey/green) paint colour chosen for the walls. Other colour tones may have clashed or made the room feel dark but the Polar white kitchen tone was well-placed to stand out against it. This was particularly so in the satin lacquer finish, and the door’s ultra-smooth surface contributed to a contemporary and fresh appearance. This was further enhanced with the choice of handleless style, including the continuous vertical channel within the bank of tall units, enhancing the sleek and minimalist feel.

The layout:

With a large blank canvas there was a lot of room for creativity but it was clear a kitchen island would make good use of the floor space, whilst creating the stunning impact the clients wanted! We tried a few different layouts before agreeing on the one now in place. This enabled an efficient kitchen workflow on one side of the island, with clear access route, including ample space for passage on the other side. This arrangement meant friends or other family members would never have reason to pass directly through the ‘hot zone’ whilst someone was cooking.

Kitchen Island:

The large kitchen island forms the main working area of the kitchen and contains a gas hob, integrated dishwasher, sink, and a unit with pull-out bin and towel rail. The family had a dining area too but liked the idea of more informal seating on the other side of the island. This fitted their notion of a social setting, where other household members could talk to the person cooking, help them prepare meals, eat there, or simply sit and enjoy a glass of wine together (the adults, not the children!) It was important the stools could be tucked underneath to keep the passage clear and uphold the tidy and minimalist kitchen look. The breakfast bar overhang allowed for this, as well as providing room for people’s knees beneath the worktop. I also suggested strip lighting beneath the breakfast bar to really emphasise a contemporary setting.

Storage & Appliances

The bank of tall units is very modest in its appearance, letting the kitchen island take centre stage within the space. At the same time it creates a very efficient site for storage and appliance housing. From left to right this includes, 3 larders, a microwave & single oven, a coffee machine, a single oven, an integrated fridge, an integrated freezer, and lastly another kitchen larder unit.

Client verdict

The family said the kids loved sitting up at the breakfast bar, whilst for them it had transformed cooking as the layout was so easy to use and to keep clean. Being able to open their fully glazed bi-fold doors created an ‘indoor outdoor’ kitchen feel so they absolutely couldn’t wait for summer when they could invite everyone round for their first bbq!