Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

This was an Open plan kitchen and living room space, within which the large pillar marks the point from which the kitchen extension began. As the owner was a home-based professional cook and recipe developer, achieving a functional and efficient working kitchen dynamic was absolutely vital for this kitchen. The specification included:

  • Plentiful storage space for an assortment of cookery pots, pans and gadgets (a lot of this was currently in storage as there was no space for it in the house but the owner was keen to bring it back)
  • Plentiful worktop and food prep space, including surface space to lay out completed food items.
  • Somewhere to keep food warm
  • A high spec. model of kitchen oven

Of course as well as the above the client also desired a stylish and inviting kitchen look, not least because she spends so much time within the kitchen for her job but because this was a family home too. Aside from professional purposes the kitchen design also had to meet the needs of the rest of the family.

The Design / Solution:


Originally the clients were considering lighter kitchen colours but on seeing the dark Terra Oak kitchen door during a showroom visit, this immediately made up their mind for them! The textured surface of the handleless Terra oak kitchen is strong yet elegant. It needed light-toned flooring to ensure the room wouldn’t look dark, and the chosen whitewash floor positively achieves this, whilst contrasting beautifully against the dark finish. The Terra oak kitchen doors were also well complimented with recessed Basalt grey gloss kitchen tall units. Streamlined, handleless and orderly, these make the perfect backdrop for the kitchen island, Terra Oak finish and beautiful grey glass splashback, enabling them to stand out as predominate kitchen features.

The layout & Working Zones:

With a structural pillar in the centre of the room, it was important to work this into the design. Attractive in appearance we determined this as the starting point for the kitchen island, setting it against this. The breakfast bar was located on the side furthest from the kitchen, providing seating area for the family safely outside of the busy cooking zone.

The kitchen island formed the main food preparation site within the kitchen, with drawers, cupboards and a pull-out bin system below, and sink in easy reach behind. For cooking, the client chose a gas and induction hob as she liked to use both. Two canopy extractors were consequently located above both hobs, with two double ovens to the right hand side. The location of these was such that food could be swiftly and easily transferred from the kitchen island to oven, and back again afterwards. To keep food warm we specified warming drawers beneath the ovens.

Kitchen storage

Storage for all of the cooking equipment had been a problem for the client in her last home so we were determined to include more than enough storage options to fulfil her requirements. Storage options included a Le Mans corner base unit for full access to the back of the corner space, a number of drawers including x2 large pan drawers for the client’s many pots and pans. One of these also included a peg tray to keep all the contents in good order. A roller tambour unit was put in place (which the client later said was a dream for quickly clearing and tidying surfaces!) The basalt grey bank of units housed the freestanding Miele fridge and freezer, both 1850mm x 600mm x 630mm. On the left of these was a pull-out larder above shelving, and to the right were two more larders. Two further cupboards were located above the fridge and freezer for infrequently used items

Client verdict

The client said she had never considered a kitchen warming drawer before, having thought it was fundamentally the same as an old fashioned hostess trolley, yet it had actually proved to be one of her favourite things within her new kitchen and extremely useful. This aside, she and her family loved both the look, usability and comfort of the new kitchen.