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Floating Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Lacquer and Laminate
  • Layout: Open Plan with Island
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: Cashmere high gloss lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: Cashmere high gloss lacquer
  • Tall Doors: Cashmere high gloss lacquer
  • Island Finish: Grey acacia laminate
  • Appliances: Siemens
  • Worktop: Lactea Compac quartz 20mm
  • Location: Petts Wood

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

When I first met the client they already had a firm idea of the design layout they wanted which was a bright and airy kitchen that afforded lots of light, a symmetrical design, and also an option for cooking within the centre of the kitchen whilst enjoying a view out their French doors and across the garden.

The Layout:

A kitchen island was incorporated into the design in order to achieve the brief of a garden view whilst cooking. This island included a gas hob as well as a pop-up extractor that retracts when not in use, freeing up more space as required when preparing food. The client desired a modern, seamless and symmetrical appearance so the kitchen island was designed as such with all doors and drawers entirely uniform. Similarly a wholly symmetrical format was introduced for all of the units across the back wall and the space was large enough to accommodate this request whilst suitably housing all kitchen appliances and kitchen storage solutions.

The sink was located within the mid-point of this formation with glass fronted wall units above and either side, intercepting the bulk of the run of units to avoid an overbearing presence. Open shelving was ideal for the space immediately above the sink and lighting within the glass fronted cabinets was intended to reflect off the glass, brightening the kitchen and producing a highly sophisticated effect.

The Units:

Apart from the glass cabinet lighting, the design included lights within the base of the wall units to reflect off the work surface, small circular LED spotlights within the plinth, and continuous strip lighting underneath the island to create a striking floating island effect.

The final design element that the client had specifically requested was that all of the units be framed with a coving to incorporate the character of the house and which ran throughout. This was achieved by continuing the box work above the units to the ceiling, allowing the coving from the rest of the room to continue and follow the contours of the wall units.

Client Verdict:

The client was very pleased with their new kitchen; modern, stylish, functional and incorporating the symmetrical appearance that they had originally specified.