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Gloss Curved Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Gloss Lacquer
  • Layout: Island
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White high gloss lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: Basalt grey gloss lacquer
  • Tall Doors: Basalt grey gloss lacquer
  • Island Finish: Basalt grey gloss lacquer
  • Worktop: Glacier Corian 30mm
  • Glass: Shattered glass island feature & behind hob
  • Location: Hornchurch

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

This client was a very busy working mother. At the same time as running a large company, she was building a stunning dream home for her family to move into. The brief from this client was short, consisting of a large fridge, coffee machine (for when her friends were visiting) but above all the kitchen had to have the WOW factor!

The Design/Solution:

This was one of only a few designs I have produced where the client hasn’t amended a single detail from the point of the concept plan through to the installation; a very unusual occurrence considering the scale of the project. She was very open to new ideas and trend-setting design options, but quick thinking and quick decision-making was both instinctive and essential to her. She knew instantly what she liked as soon as she saw it (such as the Basalt grey gloss kitchen colour), but also what she didn’t like too.
The architecture and house contained lots of round features including a central curved rotunda staircase. This in turn meant all the downstairs rooms included a large radius curved wall, so overall there was an existing theme that flowed through the house. I wanted to retain this, and did so through introducing curves in both planes of axis within the design of the doors and the worktops. The island curved worktop proved a challenge due to its size and because the entire sheet has to be formed simultaneously. A one-off moulding was decided upon to achieve this, following which our worktop manufacturers stated they had never before made as large a curve within a residential project!
The appliance bank behind the kitchen island contained all of the desired appliances, including a Miele coffee machine. Aside from the striking kitchen island within the centre of the room, other impressive features included a crackled glass splashback behind the gas hob.

Client Verdict:

Most meetings with this client lasted no more than 15 minutes as time was a premium that she did not have, but an absolute delight to deal with, and we are both pleased at how the kitchen turned out.