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High Gloss White Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Lacquer
  • Layout: G-Shape
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: High gloss white lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: High gloss white lacquer
  • Tall Doors: High gloss white lacquer
  • Location: Shad Thames

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

If you have ever wondered what the owner of a kitchen company's kitchen looks like, this is it! ...This white gloss kitchen was designed when he moved into a warehouse conversion flat in London’s Shad Thames. This was an open plan flat including a mezzanine level, with a bedroom above the kitchen space. As it had an open space between floors it was important that the design included options for keeping noise level to a minimum. With the flat being quite small, maximum storage was also important. Finally, the room space itself was quite dark so a colour scheme that would 'lift' the space was desirable.

The Design/Solution:

There was only one site within this flat that the kitchen could go but unfortunately this was at the opposite end from the windows and source of natural light. For this reason the high gloss white kitchen finish was chosen as the best option for reflecting light and brightening the space. Track lights on the ceiling emphasised the doors sleek surface whilst also ensuring a comfortable space for preparing and cooking food.

The Layout:

While kitchen islands are really popular there simply wasn't space for one within this kitchen space. Instead a peninsula was chosen as a great alternative. These offer most of the same benefits as an island but take up less floor space because they sit neatly against a wall at one end. Within this arrangement the peninsula formed part of a G-shaped kitchen layout. G-shaped layouts are excellent for allowing a smooth workflow as well as ample kitchen storage. But if considering this layout it is important to note the singular narrow entrance to the kitchen. In a busy household this can mean too much traffic and it doesn't always work. But in this household there would only be two people living here and they confirmed they take it in turn to cook so were unlikely to get under each other's feet. The chosen handleless finish is also best for the G-shaped kitchen layout as it takes up less space. In combination with this, soft close doors (along with low noise appliance models) were chosen to keep disturbance to a minimum.

Kitchen Storage:

With storage space limited throughout the flat, the clients wanted to include as many options as possible within the new kitchen design. We achieved this with a series of cupboards, open shelving, pan drawers and a Le Mans unit within the corner space. In addition, we specified a series of smaller storage options intended to save on worktop space. This included magnetic knife and spice racks attached to the wall, pop up sockets which retract when not in use, and an extractor model which the clients knew could double up as a book shelf!

Furthermore we included some extra cupboards outside of the living room, with their soft cashmere colour distinguishing them from the kitchen, yet complementing the living room tones. We also included further cashmere storage drawers within the upstairs bedroom (not pictured).

Client Verdict:

An aspirational design, the kitchen utilised a dead area within the living space to provide maximum worktop, preparation area and internal storage. The client especially loved how we used the same furniture flowing from kitchen into the living space for a seamless continuity, yet the colour contrast providing an elegant distinction between both sites.