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Kitchen with Pillar

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Laminate
  • Layout: Open plan kitchen with island
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: Cashmere matt laminate
  • Wall Unit Doors: White matt laminate
  • Tall Doors: Cashmere matt laminate
  • Island Finish: White matt laminate
  • Appliances: Siemens & Liebherr
  • Worktop: Italiana Jaipur thyme quartz 30mm
  • Location: Theydon Bois

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The obvious challenge for this kitchen space would be trying to integrate the large structural column within the design. Often kitchen pillars and posts can form decorative features but in this case the kitchen pillar was extremely large and the clients strongly disliked it. Unfortunately as it provided a structural function, they had been told removing it would incur a significant cost, and so the better solution was for us to work it into the new kitchen design. The clients also felt the pillar compromised a significant amount of their floor space; they were hoping to include a kitchen island, but keen not to lose too much surface area within it as a result of the pillar.

The Design/Solution:

For the finish I initially proposed a white tone to match the pillar and help blend it into the design. The clients wanted a neutral colour, and liked white but weren’t keen on the all-white kitchen look. Instead, the understated appearance of the matt cashmere kitchen door appealed to the clients, so we established a two-tone kitchen design, including white base units within the island to help integrate the pillar. To complement their kitchen door choice the clients later chose a textured Stone Italiana Jaipur Thyme quartz worktop, to perfectly finish the look.

The Layout:

With the hob and overhead extractor sited on the island, it followed that the fridge, oven and sink should be located within the run of units opposite, and at staggered points for easy access. This run also included drawer and shelf storage options, as well as a boiler hidden behind a stud wall, and the electrical feed for the lighting hidden within the bulkhead above.

The Island:

The most feasible solution for working the pillar into the design without losing island space was to integrate the pillar within the far end of the island. Cut-to-size dummy drawers were fitted on one side of the column to allow space for it, yet on the other side of this there was still enough room within the base unit for x2 large storage pan drawers. This arrangement left clear access for moving freely around both pillar and island, and reduced depth base units also allowed for a breakfast bar overhang and seating area at the island. LED strip lights under island worktop.

Client Verdict:

The client was thrilled with their ‘stunning’ new kitchen and felt we had fully incorporated everything they wanted within the design, including toning down the pillar to make it more discreet. They said they now take great pleasure in seeing the look on people’s faces when they walk in and see the transformation of the space, and are receiving lots of compliments on the new look!