Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

For this project, we had worked along with an interior designer, whom was trying to create a very open, reflective space where certain areas of floorspace weren’t covered with units. An airy and open footprint was the focus of this kitchen.

The Design / Solution:

The accompanying design consisted of having base units which didn’t cover the entire back wall and had stopped short. Additional features, were floating shelves and segmented wall sections just above, all of which was clad with a mirror backsplash to create the double-depth space and feel in the area. The sink was added to the back wall along the mirror to reflects a mirror.

The Island:

A floating breakfast bar area, with the return leg connecting straight to the floor, further demonstrated the individual aspects in this kitchen whilst contributing to the airy feel. The island also hosted the extractor fan which was drafted and ducted to the outside of the kitchen.

Client verdict:

Client was thrilled. The mirror created an illusion that the kitchen was bigger than it actually was. Friends of the clients also stated that it looked like there was an adjoining room. The style and simplicity combined within the space, transformed this kitchen into a truly remarkable area within the client’s home.