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Multi Tone Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Multi tone kitchen in high gloss finish
  • Layout: Galley
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: Terra Oak Laminate
  • Wall Unit Doors: Ultra Matt White Laminate
  • Appliances: Siemens
  • Worktop: Compac Quartz
  • Location: Acton 2

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

Originally a much smaller room, the new kitchen design for this property would benefit from a side and rear extension intended to open up the space, particularly at the far end. However the new room, although a blank canvas, still presented a challenge through its long and narrow shape. By the time the clients contacted us they had already considered a number of proposed kitchen layouts from other design companies but felt they either hadn't made best use of the space or else the clients didn't like the proposed look.

Aside from the challenge of achieving a fully practical and usable kitchen layout ideal for a family, the client wanted to include colour and a light kitchen feel. This was in stark contrast to their former cream kitchen which suffered from a lack of lighting which created a dim and gloomy feel.

The Design/Solution:

The client really liked the steel blue kitchen door for its cool, fresh look. As a sole colour choice throughout the room this risked looking washed-out against the existing décor of white walls, décor, light flooring, (and intended white worktop). For this reason it worked well that the client liked the idea of a two-tone kitchen and consequently the dark Terra oak kitchen base units were introduced to ground the kitchen and balance it out. Wall units were ideal for storage but a darker colour at this upper level of the kitchen would have upset this new-found balance, overwhelming the space. White gloss kitchen units were therefore chosen to recreate the pleasing balanced

The Layout:

As earlier stated the long narrow room shape presented the challenge of designing a space maximising, functional, yet attractive kitchen. I suggested siting the dining area at the far end in the most open and brightest area of the space. This would make a practical and sociable setting for eating meals, with easy and fast access between kitchen and dining room, so much so that you can still converse from here with whoever is in the kitchen. As the owner had a young family this arrangement also meant they could keep their children in sight at the dining table but safely away from the dangers of the cooking zone.

Kitchen Storage:

Wall cabinets located above the sink and dishwasher are ideally located for glasses and cups that are frequently rinsed or loaded and uploaded from a dishwasher. Beneath these are cupboards and a number of large pan drawers, ideal for heavier but also frequently used items such as pots, casseroles as well as easy access for plates.

Opposite this is a bank of gloss blue kitchen units including fridge/ freezer, as well as larder units for dry storage.

On the far side of the unit nearest the dining table, open storage has been included. This is more flattering than a solid bulk and also allows neat storage of items such as cookbooks, or decorative items.

Food Preparation:

Undercabinet lighting ensures a comfortable and bright enough space for cooking with sink to the left hand side, hob to the right, and fridge and oven within easy reach at only the spin of a heel. This creates an efficient kitchen workflow.

The indent allows for the comfortable and safe passage of different kitchen users, and an overhang breakfast bar at the near end of the kitchen by the door, can have stools fitted at it where family or guests can perch, close enough to talk to but clear of the working kitchen area.

Client Verdict:

The client loved the contrast of colour within their kitchen and appreciated the smooth workflow that this efficient arrangement introduced.