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Open Plan Kitchen Peninsula

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • Layout: Open Plan with Peninsula
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White Satin Lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: White Satin Lacquer
  • Tall Doors: White Satin Lacquer
  • Breakfast Bar: White Satin Lacquer
  • Appliances: Neff
  • Worktop: White Corian 79mm
  • Location: Brighton

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

Large full-height glazing allowed maximum light to flood this spacious open plan kitchen setting. Consequently, the feel of the room (even when empty) was bright and appealing, with white walls and a whitewashed floor already in place. The clients wished to fill the space with a contemporary kitchen to compliment the bright feel of the space, ensuring a clean and uncluttered look. The couple had a small child so for safety reasons were keen to establish a physical barrier between kitchen and living room, allowing their child to remain in sight but without easy access to the kitchen.

The Design/Solution:

Whilst there was space for an island, a kitchen peninsula was better suited for this family as it allowed only one entryway. The clients felt this was safer for their child, and as only one of them cooked, one entrance would suffice.

Reduced depth units prevented the peninsula from appearing too wide, but it was still a very large peninsula and provided the main worksurface area for food preparation, including a hob, with overhead extractor, and pan drawers beneath for storage. A, fridge, larder, microwave and oven were located behind the peninsula so all in easy reach when preparing meals. The peninsula contained a separate ‘wash zone’ including sink, tap and dishwasher beneath, as well as a pull-out bin and space for storing all related cleaning products. The side of the peninsula facing into the living room also included storage space; This was designated primarily for placemats, crockery and glasses, putting them within easy reach for when setting the dining table.

The Layout:

The client had specified that they wanted a divide or partition between kitchen and living room so we suggested a kitchen peninsula for this which was multi-purpose as follows: 1) The layout was such that when preparing food or using the hob, the user would face outwards to enjoy the brilliant sea view, 2) The kitchen layout complimented the clean style, affording easy use and the means for maintaining clutter-free surfaces. 3) It would be a sociable arrangement for engaging with family whilst cooking, or for when having guests over. 4) The peninsula allowed the users to watch over the children from the kitchen yet keep them at a safe distance.

The Units:

To achieve the contemporary style I suggested a white tone in the satin lacquer kitchen finish, with handleless kitchen doors. The colour is ultra-fresh and the handleless style creates clean sleek lines, including a vertical handleless channel on the bank of wall units to enhance this effect. The kitchen was designed with maximum storage to ensure all worksurfaces could easily be kept clear, and even the pop up sockets within the island were finished in white so they would blend seamlessly into the worksurface when not in use.

Kitchen Storage:

The bank of tall units behind the peninsula contain an integrated fridge and freezer as well as tall pull-out larder units for plentiful and easily accessible storage of dry foods. On the other side of the peninsula wall (separate from the kitchen) we included a child’s play area including cupboards for storing all of the children’s toys and accessories. This storage was designed within the same white matt lacquer finish as the main kitchen area, ensuring a continued theme within the open plan space.

Client Verdict:

The client felt the all-white satin lacquer finish, in combination with the design’s clean sharp lines fully achieved the look they wanted. Within such a stunning setting, the kitchen’s look had been a priority over practicality but they were delighted we had successfully incorporated both.