Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

The requirements were simple, and the project had to be a large open plan space with a beautiful kitchen overlooking the kids play area. It was meant to be snug for the family and required a dining space. The client’s inspiration for this room was of a Scandinavian sort, with lots of white and neutral finishes. Allowing the kitchen to flow through an open plan garden. The kitchen seems to extend onto the barbeque area and the decking.

The Design / Solution:

Specifications for this kitchen consisted of sharp, clean, and white furniture accompanied by very modern lines. To ensure this, the continuation of drawers was essential down the back wall with seamless and joint less panels. The handleless style we opted for allowed for a sleek and clean feel. In addition to the storage, a bespoke Le Mans tall unit was specifically designed for this kitchen, with single internal panels and custom broom cupboards. It was of great importance for symmetricity to form by having all the units the same size, to line up with the base units.

The Island:

The island incorporated the sink, dishwasher, and wine cooler which broke away from the lines that the client had wanted in the back run. The island itself provided additional workspace within the kitchen as well as additional storage.

The Layout:

By implementing and utilising an island kitchen style we created a space which allowed the kitchen to flow through to an open plan garden. By doing just that, the kitchen seems to extend onto the barbeque area and the decking, and seems much bigger in this form. The natural lighting which is emitted through the windows makes the kitchen appear extremely bright and plays an important role to the overall atmosphere.

Client verdict

The client was extremely pleased with the overall outcome and was very happy that we managed to capture what was envisioned. As stated before, the client was very particular in terms of sameness and this reflects in the finished product.