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Small Kitchen Design

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Beige Grey Satin Lacquer
  • Layout: Small Island
  • Base Unit Doors: Beige grey satin lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: Graphite Oak Real Wood Veneer
  • Tall Doors: Beige grey satin lacquer
  • Island Finish: Beige grey satin lacquer
  • Appliances: Siemens
  • Worktop: Absolute Blanc Compac quartz
  • Location: Battersea

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

This was a trendy riverfront property and the new owner wished to replace the old fashioned kitchen with one more attune to the contemporary décor throughout the rest of the apartment and building. Aside from a more sophisticated and modern appearance, the client very much hoped for a big change from what was already in place but with the exception of including a wine cooler there was no specific design brief and they were very open to ideas and suggestions from LWK Kitchens.

The Island:

The open plan arrangement of the kitchen and living room had left a significant amount of unused space within the kitchen area and so a resolution for this was to include a small island with breakfast bar and seating. Although small, the kitchen island introduced a quality of sophistication as well as a space for eating meals, work or studying at; an opportunity that was previously lacking. The kitchen island breakfast bar also offered a much more social arrangement than the previous set up, permitting interaction and conversations to continue at the same time as preparing a meal.

Aside from the breakfast bar, the kitchen island housed a large integrated wine cooler as per the client’s request, as well as a 4-ring induction hob, x 2 pan drawers, x 1 internal drawer and a cutlery insert that saved on storage elsewhere. Furthermore the pendant light overhead was actually a disguised Elica Recirculating Extractor.

The Units:

I began by making enquiries as to the client’s typical kitchen use and cooking habits to help me identify what items and components would be most personally valuable within their kitchen as well as to ascertain the best kitchen layout. Given it was quite small I was very inclined toward incorporating lots of kitchen storage solutions and other options to help maximise on the available space. Using all detail acquired we produced several different designs for the client’s consideration and used these to narrow down their preferences until we produced a final design that worked both functionally and in respect of style.

Kitchen Storage:

The Graphite Oak Wood Veneer overhead wall units provided an abundance of kitchen storage space and the base units housed x2 cupboards as well as a Le mans kitchen corner unit.

In terms of appliances there was one in particular that turned out to have an influence over the design and this was the fridge/freezer as I quickly realised it would be challenging to include without it jutting out and/or restricting access within the kitchen. The workable solution was an integrated model and this solved the problem, fitting seamlessly alongside an integrated dishwasher, washing machine and double oven, all of which worked perfectly to maximise on space.

Client Verdict:

The copper splashback within this kitchen was well complimented with under-cabinet lighting designed to reflect off it and accentuate the deep lustre of the doors, creating a subtle but very inviting autumnal ambience.
The client was very pleased with their newly finished kitchen and influenced by the copper splashback finished it off shortly afterwards with a brand new complimentary wallpaper.