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Small L Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: White Satin Lacquer
  • Layout: Small L-Shaped
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White Satin Lacquer
  • Wall Unit Doors: White Satin Lacquer
  • Tall Doors: White Satin Lacquer
  • Appliances: Siemens
  • Worktop: Absolute Blanc Compac Quartz
  • Location: Bethnal Green

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

For their small open plan kitchen space the client wanted to ensure the physical presence of the kitchen would not encroach on the living room space and visa versa. Yet at the same time, they wanted a complimenting look for the entirety of the space and continuity of style was important from one room to the next. The client also specified a very clean and sleek kitchen look with a contemporary feel.

The Design/Solution:

To fulfill the desire for a clean kitchen look I suggested white units in a satin lacquer finish. Satin lacquer door finishes reflect light but without giving off a surface reflection the way gloss doors do, and this creates a very fresh and contemporary look. Spot lights in place beneath the wall units would emphasize this finish’s pristine quality (in addition to their primary function of enhancing usability of the worktop beneath). The handleless kitchen style was also advisable, maintaining the clean kitchen lines and enriching the look.

The Layout:

L-Shaped kitchen layouts are ideal for filling corner spaces and especially within small kitchen designs as they allow for efficient, user-friendly kitchens with separate working kitchen zones, and no through traffic. For this space, a recessed kitchen was proposed for the L-shape, which would fully maximize the room space, create an interesting, stylish look, and add the distinction between kitchen and living room that the client had specified.

For this, a 245mm high bulkhead was proposed above the longer run of units and a 360mm high plasterboard would adjoin this above the shorter run. The latter would also conceal the electrical feed required for the spotlights.

The Units:

Integrated appliances were essential for maintaining the clean, sleek kitchen look we wanted to achieve and included an integrated fridge freezer, flush-mounted touch control induction hob, single oven and chimney extractor. A white sink and white tap preserved the fresh look, but a classic black and white contrast with the black oven and extractor broke up the all-white tone, ensuring it wouldn’t look stark.

Kitchen Storage:

Even though the kitchen space was small it was still perfectly possible to create separate working kitchen zones within this design, making the space more efficient and user-friendly. The food preparation and storage area consists of a fridge/freezer adjacent to worksurface space sufficient for prepping food at. This site also has kitchen storage space above and beneath, including 80cm pan drawers within the base units, complete with interior drawers and a cutlery insert for orderly storage. The cooking zone was located in the central part of the kitchen, consisting of oven and hob. To the right of this is the washing up zone, featuring dishwasher, sink and tap. Below the sink are 2x 100cm pan drawers for further storage, and a sink waste collar integrated within the upper drawer.

Client Verdict:

'LWK designed and installed our kitchen a couple of years ago. We spent a reasonably amount of time looking around the market before we contracted with them, and were confident at the end that they were the best bet for us.

It was a small job (we live in a tiny flat) but they took care to do it well. They were also very patient with the large number of small snags that we kept asking them back to fix. All in all, I'd heartily recommend them.'
John Gibson