Kitchen project notes

The Challenge:

The former kitchen was a small galley kitchen which was old and tired. The couple living in the flat were keen to replace it, and hoped to include some more practical kitchen solutions with a particular emphasis on storage space. This had been lacking in the previous kitchen, with no room for even a mop or cleaning products. The client also had a stool at the far end which she wanted to keep as she liked to sit in the light of the window whilst talking on the phone.

The Design / Solution:


The clients wanted a comfortable kitchen with a warm feel and bright ambience. White gloss kitchen units were advised as the best option for their light reflecting qualities. A handleless style was also suggested as for small kitchens this takes up less space and prevents snagging clothing when passing by, but the owners felt the handleless look was too modern for them. Instead they chose small square handles for their kitchen doors.

The layout:

We arranged the kitchen so that the area for preparing and cooking food would be located in the end of the kitchen in receipt of the most natural light. This was the most comfortable arrangement and there was still room for a stool, letting the client continue to sit when using the phone.

The chosen galley kitchen layout created an efficient and safe working area within the small space. The sink was located within the recessed area which we designated as the washing up kitchen site so also included the dishwasher and washing machine. This area was hidden from plain view on entering the kitchen, which is preferable as sinks can draw the eye in small spaces, yet aren’t always attractive to look at (particularly if full of dirty washing up!)

Opposite this small bank of units was the area for storing, preparing and cooking food. If more than one person should be present in the kitchen then just the area between hob and oven can be used for cooking, leaving the far end free for someone else to sit, observe and converse with the other whilst safely out of the way.

Kitchen Storage:

As mentioned, one of the key criteria for this design was ensuring maximum kitchen storage space. We included wall cupboards for extra storage, and each wall cupboard reached right to the ceiling so that all space could be used up. Similarly the tall units on the right hand side as you enter the kitchen reach from floor to ceiling, including a broom cupboard for housing tall cleaning agents such as an ironing board, mop and broom. This also had an integrated metal shelf, hook rail, dustpan holder, and lockable first-aid compartment. Tall units work in this location but had they have been sited at the far end of the kitchen they would have blocked the light source.

Kitchen appliances:

Integrated appliances were key in taking up less space, and also hinged for the most convenient use. For example, the fridge is to the right hand side of the oven and microwave but essentially is hinged on the right, ensuring the door opens outward without obstructing the workspace. This means that any food products can be swiftly and easily transferred from fridge to worksurface (or vice versa).

Client verdict

The clients were delighted with the transformation of their kitchen into a much more user-friendly space. Post-redesign said they were finding it much easier to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, and greatly appreciated that they now had somewhere to put their belongings away after use.