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Small White Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: High Gloss Laminate
  • Layout: Small L Shaped
  • Kitchen Style: Handleless
  • Base Unit Doors: White Gloss Laminate
  • Wall Unit Doors: White Gloss Laminate
  • Tall Doors: White Gloss Laminate
  • Appliances: Bosch & Neff
  • Worktop: Strass Blanc Laminate
  • Location: Canary Wharf

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The client felt their previous wooden kitchen was very old, tired and dated, so they were keen to replace it with something more modern. This aside, the clear challenge for this kitchen redesign was in making effective use of the small kitchen space, something which their previous kitchen hadn’t done and which the client said had made it awkward to use. With a separate dining room, the kitchen was solely used for cooking and so they asked for it to be designed with this in mind. (They also specified that it must include a microwave).

The Layout:

Within such a small kitchen it was important to include wall units for storage purposes but without overshadowing the space beneath. For this reason reduced depth units were implemented with undercabinet spotlights for adequate and comfortable working space below. Open shelves helped break up the visual bulk of the run of wall units, as well as provide opportunity for decoration, display, or simply further storage.

The Units:

The handleless kitchen style was best for this room as handleless kitchen doors don’t protrude, so take up less space. Similarly a white gloss kitchen finish was ideal as pale gloss colours reflect light, enhancing the feeling of space within a room to make it seem larger than its actual size. This was particularly so for the white gloss wall units because this colour and style prevents them looking too pronounced or bulky, which other colours may have done, risking the kitchen feeling smaller. The reflective metallic silver splashback creates the same effect as well as a modern kitchen look.

Food Preparation:

The far end of the kitchen dictates the kitchen’s washing up zone, with sink and dishwasher beneath. With limited space integrated appliances were clearly the best option for this kitchen. This included a combined Neff Washer-Dryer, rather than separate appliances which would have taken up more space. On the adjacent run of units are the food preparation and cooking zones (including the specified microwave). With no children and both very tall, we were all satisfied that the couple could comfortably reach in and out of the microwave at this height without it being dangerous. Reduced-width pan drawers sit neatly and symmetrically either side of the oven, and the large fridge and reduced-width larder storage unit are both in easy reach on the right hand side of the oven.

Client Verdict:

The client felt the white tone transformed the kitchen and especially loved the modern touch of the metallic glass splashback. They were also pleased with the storage solutions that were implemented, particularly the wall units which maximised use of the space.