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Terra Oak Island Kitchen

Kitchen Details
  • Kitchen Finish: Terra Oak wood effect laminate
  • Layout: Island
  • Worktop: Absolute Blanc Compac quartz
  • Location: Abbey Wood

Kitchen Project Notes

The Challenge:

The challenge was to design a kitchen for a new extension being built to the rear of the house. It was intended as a bright space, with a vaulted ceiling. Inside of this we were to incorporate a kitchen with island and seating area adjacent to the French doors and outside garden area.

The Design/Solution:

The design we created consisted of an L-shape kitchen, boasting ovens, a fridge and tall housing. The sink was underneath the window, affording a view when working at the sink. There was also a hob positioned along the tall wall.

The Layout:

As earlier stated the long narrow room shape presented the challenge of designing a space maximising, functional, yet attractive kitchen. I suggested siting the dining area at the far end in the most open and brightest area of the space. This would make a practical and sociable setting for eating meals, with easy and fast access between kitchen and dining room, so much so that you can still converse from here with whoever is in the kitchen. As the owner had a young family this arrangement also meant they could keep their children in sight at the dining table but safely away from the dangers of the cooking zone.

The Island:

We incorporated the island and seating together to separate the cooking zone from the dining zone, as well as to maximise the kitchen’s available space. This comfortably allowed for 4 dining chairs, as well as a multifunctional worktop space to be used for prepping and serving food, as well as drinks when entertaining. Our client also wanted to include a television in the kitchen, which for us meant ensuring a workflow that wouldn’t interrupt the viewer’s experience.

Client Verdict:

Overall, clean lines, simple colours and high contrast formed this beautiful kitchen, and the client was very happy with its sleek monochrome look. In particular, the stark contrast of dark units against the bright white decor made a striking impact on entering the room. The design allowed space for all specified items and appliances, whilst their carefully thought-out location ensured maximum usability.